Church of Peace

Deep Piety

The Friedenskirche (Church of Peace) was built in 1845–54 from plans drawn up by Ludwig Persius and August Stüler on the basis of sketches by Frederick William IV. Along with the adjacent Preacher’s House and the small Marly Palace, the triple-nave basilica is part of an architectural ensembles that links the king’s religiosity rooted in German Romanticism with his admiration for Italy. The Church of Peace is thus modeled on the early Christian basilica of San Clemente in Rome.

In contrast to the church’s simple exterior, the effect of the interior decoration is quite vibrant thanks to its selection of various marbles in harmonious colors. The apse is adorned with a valuable historical mosaic from the first half of the 13th century. It originates from the Church of San Cipriano in Murano near Venice, where it was saved from destruction. This mosaic is an absolute rarity north of the Alps. The graves of Frederick William IV and his wife Elisabeth Ludovika are located in a crypt beneath the nave.

Mimicking the style of medieval sacred buildings, a cloisters, a colonnaded courtyard and a covered colonnade annex the church. All the building components are decorated with imagery with aspects of piety as their central themes. Particularly striking is the statue of Christ Blessing, a "galvanoplastic" copy using the electrotyping method, made after Bertel Thorvaldsen.

The east side of the group of buildings abuts a manmade pond and a garden; the façade to the west leads to the Marly Garden. Peter Joseph Lenné reshaped this earlier kitchen garden of Frederick William I into an intimate landscaped garden, attentive to its smallest details. It was filled with plants that recalled the queen’s Bavarian homeland, and is decorated with various depictions of children and a white-and-blue glass column.


Church of Peace [Friedenskirche]
Am Grünen Gitter 3
14469 Potsdam

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