Mission Statement

of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG)

Mission and Objectives

The Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin and Brandenburg are central testimonia of European culture, and a large number of these sites are protected as UNESCO World Heritage. The Weimar Republic’s young democracy sit up a cultural institution that made it possible to open these locations to everyone. We actively advocate for democratic values, tolerance, and an open society.

The palaces, gardens and collections are related to one another and the cultural landscapes surrounding them by a historical context that evolved over centuries. They reflect the artistic developments and the history of Prussia, Germany and Europe in exemplary fashion. Prussian art and history, in all its contradictions, can be experienced at these sites like nowhere else. We preserve the gardens, buildings and collections in situ in their extant original entirety handed down to us and make them accessible to everyone. We care for and maintain, research, interpret, present and communicate this one-of-a-kind heritage for the sake of the general public and to encourage discussion.

Simultaneously we are in constant interaction with society, politics and public institutions and are dependent on the support of partners, patrons and sponsors. Similarly, we actively work together with public and private organizations and individuals to achieve our objectives.

Preservation and Scholarly Catalogization

For the architectural and garden monuments, and the collections entrusted into our care, we are committed to:

  • maintaining them for present and future generations, and preserving them as much as possible in their original or traditional conditions to the best of our abilities;
  • conducting research, inspiring and supporting the studies of third parties, defining the artistic and cultural-historical quality of the works and, if applicable, enhancing it.

Preservation of the historical inventory is the priority in all our decisions. We discuss, justify and document any alterations in detail. The SPSG independently fulfils the tasks of a regional monument protection authority.

Research is the foundation of our work. We view ourselves as a scholarly institution, which continuously develops its resources and collection holdings in their historical contexts and makes them accessible based on an open-access model. We are part of an international scholarly community in whose discussions we actively and supportively contribute.

Presentation and Communication

The exceptional importance of the palaces and gardens enables and obliges us to create an experience of the highest artistic quality and provide the best possible access to historical, social and cultural contexts. This also reflects the dedication and high level of professional competence of all our staff.

We base our actions on the needs of our audiences and develop inclusive offers and services that encourage participation. The presentation of the palaces and gardens is adapted to current needs and further developed in the interests of future public needs. Our goal is to ensure the greatest possible accessibility, including barrier-free access.

Negotiating the preservation of the historic assets while meeting the diverse interests of visitors and other target groups requires mutual consideration and responsible assessments made within the framework of our foundation’s objectives. Weighing these very different concerns sometimes encounters limitations, primarily when the SPSG determines it can no longer fulfil its statutory mission.

Economic and Sustainable Actions

We plan and act inclusively and with social responsibility. We work economically and ecologically using a resource-conserving approach to be able to continue performing our tasks in the future. To protect the garden grounds, buildings and collections, we develop sustainable strategies that address the challenges of climate change.

We use public funding available to us, our own sources of income, donations and sponsorship funds responsibly, economically and efficiently. Our foundation increases its income within a framework compatible with preserving historic monuments and nature.

Collaborations and Further Education

We value fair, respectful and friendly work relationships. To a great extent, the SPSG is dependent on the engagement and sense of responsibility of all those who work for it. The foundation’s objectives and priorities are defined in professional consultation and informed discussion between its departments and teams. Solution-based discussions and open communications are the basis for transparent decisions and independent actions. With clearly defined aims and responsibilities, along with the appropriate decision-making powers, the SPSG and its subsidiary company Fridericus work together at all levels in an objective, respectful and collegial manner.

We ensure continuing education, training, further qualification, and the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience, which is how the SPSG maintains its high standards and continual development.

7 December 2021