New Palace – "Gartensalon"

To the south of the New Palace in Sanssouci Park lies the “Gartensalon,” which consists of an oval lawn and a Gittersalon (a pavilion enclosed by latticework). It was commissioned by Frederick II and built shortly after the New Palace was completed. Presumably the Gartensalon was primarily used for outdoor concerts and musical performances. A few years ago this charming little garden structure and the surrounding areas were lovingly restored. The Gartensalon is an inviting, cheerful venue for outdoor concerts, receptions and readings.


New Palace [Neues Palais]
Am Neuen Palais
14469 Potsdam

How to get there

Public Transportation

Stop "Potsdam, Neues Palais"

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Paid parking spaces for cars and buses in the car park P3 – At the New Palace.

Location Type

Location of use
  • Open Air
Type of use
  • reception
  • gala dinner
  • private party
  • concert, reading, lecture
  • protocol
in total 950 sqaure meter

The oval shaped lawn, the adjacent gravel path and the Gittersalon can be rented.

Oval lawn: 900 m²

Gittersalon: 50 m2

Number of persons
  • more than 300

Up to 350 participants

Equipment and Service

On request 300 Chairs can be rented from the foundation.


There are no restrooms availble on-site. On request the restrooms of the visitor centre "New Palace" may be used.


The catering for the "Gartensalon" must be selected in coordination with the foundation.


Prizes and Usagetimes

1.000,- €


Cultural institutions with state support, as well as the states of Berlin and Brandenburg receive special conditions


Markus  Schlabinger
Head of Events
SPSG | Department Education and Marketing
Postfach 60 14 62
D – 14414 Potsdam
Nina  Ilsen
Assistent of Events
SPSG | Department Education and Marketing
Postfach 60 14 62
D – 14414 Potsdam


  • wheelchair access


Possible up to the entrance via Ökonomieweg/Mopke.