Charlottenburg Palace – The Palace Square

Built as of 1695, the Charlottenburg Palace complex is the largest surviving Hohenzollern residence in Berlin. It provides historic testimony to how Prussian art and culture evolved over 300 years. Set against the majestic backdrop of the palace and Court of Honor, the Palace Square is framed by a delightful array of buildings. Easily reached by public transport, this is a prestigious venue for a wide range of larger outdoor events.


How to get there

Public Transportation

Stop "Schloss Charlottenburg (Berlin)"

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Paid parking spaces for cars and buses.

Location Type

Location of use
  • Open Air
Type of use
  • reception
  • protocol
ca. 4.000 qm

Fläche: ca. 74 m x 54 m

Number of persons
  • more than 300

bis zu 999 Personen

Equipment and Service


Der Caterer ist in Abstimmung mit der Stiftung frei wählbar.

Prizes and Usagetimes

5.000,- €

Kulturelle Einrichtungen mit staatlicher Förderung sowie die Länder Berlin und Brandenburg erhalten Sonderkonditionen.

  • all seasons

Nur in den Sommermonaten.


  • wheelchair access

Behindertengerechte Toiletten befinden sich im Schloss Charlottenburg.


Möglich bis Parkplatz vor dem Restaurant "Kleine Orangerie"