Donating to a Good Cause.

The renovation of an imperiled architectural monument, the restoration of significant works of art, the establishment of a museum workshop for children, the production of tactile models for the visually impaired, the preservation of historical gardens, and the development of an exhibition concept are just some of many projects that you can support with your donation.
Help us liberate art treasures from storage, give architectural monuments back their former splendor, return lost treasures to their original settings, bring historical gardens to blossom, and give our children an appreciation of their cultural legacy.

Some of our current projects are described below. We are always available for consultation if you have a special interest or questions about making a particular type of donation.


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Account for Donations

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Donation Receipt

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law in your country of residence. To request a donation receipt, please contact us at fundraising(at)