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Glienicke Villa and Park


Just beyond the gates of Potsdam, on the banks of the Havel, Schloss Glienicke with its park is a major component of the local cultural landscape.  Prince Carl of Prussia bought the property in 1824 for himself and his future wife Mary of Saxe-Weimar. Deeply affected by a recent Italian journey, he commissioned extensions and conversions to plans by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1824–1827.  First, the old billiard house on the high riverbank was enlarged to create a casino, oriented completely around views of the lake. Then, in 1825–1827, the old manor house was converted into a classical villa. A tower was added in 1832, and the lion fountain enhancing the street elevation in 1838.  Peter Joseph Lenné, who first began working on these pleasure grounds in 1816 under the previous owner, Prince Hardenberg, was now able to complete the project under his new client.

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