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Group offers 2018 - Now Online!

Potsdam, Park Sanssouci, Chinesisches Haus, Gruppe mit dem Falken und Gruppe der Kaffeetrinker, Herbststimmung © SPSG / Foto: Hans Bach

Have a look and see the flat rates for groups 2018 here.
Please note the changed opening times for 2018. Our team for group services looks forward to your bookings, the booking chanels are open now.

MAY IT BE A BIT MORE DETAILED? YOU'RE WELCOME! We kindly present all offers available to groups: detailed, clear and up-to-date. The unlimited, virtual space permits us to introduce the lesser known "pearls" hidden within the Prussian palace landscapes – and to completely expand the diverse repertoire.

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The Prussian Palaces and Gardens (SPSG) entice us with very special tours in the winter season: including heavenly Christmas at Charlottenburg Palace; a tour through the exotic plants in the orangery at Sanssouci; and providing insights into Frederick William I’s historic hunting customs at Königs Wusterhausen Palace.

You’re sure to be delighted with this magnificent, royal winter season!

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New: Cecilienhof Palace - Audio guide for groups

World history was written at Cecilienhof Palace in the summer of 1945: Following the end of the fighting in Europe, representatives for World War II’s three main Allies met here to discuss the reorganization of Europe and the future destiny of Germany at the highest political level. The results of this conference, officially known as the “Three Power Conference of Berlin,” were laid out in the Potsdam Agreement and the Potsdam Declaration.
Seventy years after the end of the conference, Cecilienhof Palace remains a significant site of world politics and a place of great interest for visitors from around the globe. The permanent exhibition presents a wealth of historical photographs and multilayered information (in German and English) at its authentic location, allowing a vivid image of events surrounding the conference – from July 17–August 2, 1945 – to come to life.
An audio guide (for groups available from 2018) enhances a visit to the exhibition. Among other original recordings, statements by Churchill, Truman and Stalin can be heard. The audio guide is available in eleven languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

 In addition to the political events of 1945, the exhibition delves into the building history of the palace and the history of its former residents – Crown Prince William (1882–1951) and Crown Princess Cecilie (1886–1954) of Prussia – for whom Cecilienhof Palace was constructed from 1913-17. The royal couple lived at the palace until February 1945.

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At Last! - Charlottenburg Palace, Old Palace reopens on October 2017

At last!
Charlottenburg Palace, Old Palace reopens after a long phase of construction to visitors on October 1, 2017. Please take note, that the offers Charlottenburg Palace, Old Palace or Old Palace with audio guide as well the highlight offer Palace Charlottenburg - Old Palace, New Wind and Garden can be booked again. We are looking forward to your bookings. Come and visit us again!

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