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Group offers 2019 - Online!

Focus on group prices for 2019

Prices need an informative framework! That is why we are putting the group price list 2019 into today's picture. The first and most important announcement: the 2019 prices are online. Moreover, this is followed immediately by a reference; there are a number of changes compared to previous years.
This requires a little bit of your appreciated attention. It was high time to put the product portfolio for groups to the test. Which programs are of particular interest to the visitors, does the duration of the guided tours still correspond to the needs of the program trips and does it need new offers?

No sooner said than done! We have shortened the program duration of various group tours, said goodbye to programs and introduced short programs for groups with audio guide in four other Palaces. From 2019, groups can now book a short guided tour with audio guide in the Palace of Sanssouci, the New Palace, the Picture Gallery and the New Chambers (each in Potsdam). We have been offering these tours at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin and Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam for some time. 

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We kindly present all offers available to groups: detailed, clear and up-to-date.

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Tip 2019 Italy in Potsdam - Land of longing of the Prussian Kings

Roman baths, Sicilian garden: two places in Sanssouci Park bear their Italian models in their names. Strolling through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can discover even more Italy in the Potsdam-Berlin cultural landscape.
The most important lover of Italy among the Prussian monarchs was Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1795-1861), the "Romanticist on the Throne". Three times he travelled to the land of his dreams, which inspired him to create his own designs. While Charlottenhof Palace, built by Schinkel, is dedicated to the ancient ideal, the playful ensemble of Roman Baths takes you to an Italian country estate in an idyllic landscape designed by Lenné in Potsdam. The Villa d'Este in Tivoli near Rome was the inspiration for the Sanssouci Orangery Palace on the imposing terraced grounds. The magnificent Raphael Hall in the central building houses 50 copies of Raphael's paintings from the King's collection. In the lateral plant halls, citrus and pomegranate trees spend the winter, then as now, spreading Mediterranean flair on terraces and gardens during the summer months.
Prince Carl, Friedrich Wilhelm IV's younger brother, also had a preference for Italy. He was the landlord of Berlin's Glienicke Palace, which Karl Friedrich Schinkel transformed into an Italian villa in a southern landscape in 1824. Numerous antique works of art, which the passionate collector Carl brought back from his travels in Italy, are built into Glienicke.

Group offer: Sanssouci Park
Guided tour
Group price, flat rate for adults: € 200
Group price, flat rate for school groups: € 112
Group size: 40 maximum / duration: 2h
Available for booking: year-round

Group offer: Glienicke Palace, The Court Gardeners' Museum and Park
Guided tour
Group price, flat rate for adults: € 110
Group price, flat rate for school groups: € 77
Group size: 20 maximum / duration: 1,5h
Available for booking: year-round (except Jan/Feb)

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