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Königs Wusterhausen Hunting Lodge was one of Frederick William I’s (the “Soldier King”) favorite locations in Prussia. The Renaissance building, which arose from a medieval castle, served Frederick William as a hunting retreat and residence. At Königs Wusterhausen, Frederick William I developed his plans for reforms and began to build up his infantry regiment, the “Lange Kerls” (Long Guys). The “Tobacco Club” that the king called together each night was legendary. It consisted of a circle from the military that provided “comical counsel,” who casually debated questions of politics, ethics and religion.

We provide the following group offers:

  • Königs Wusterhausen Hunting Lodge guided tour


Königs Wusterhausen Hunting Lodge
Schlossplatz 1
15711 Königs Wusterhausen

Getting here and parking

Public Transportation

Stop "Königs Wusterhausen, Schloß"

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Very limited parking.

Opening Hours for Groups

Sat, Sun/holidays 10am-4pm (Jan-Mar)
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5:30pm (Apr-Oct)
Sat, Sun/holidays 10am-4pm (Nov-Dec)


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    Unfortunately, the exhibition rooms are not accessible for wheelchair users.

    For conservation reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to use prams / baby strollers in the exhibition rooms.

    Guided Tours and Prices (Adults)

    Group tourKönigs Wusterhausen Hunting Lodge guided tour
    Availability year-round Tue-Sun, from November - March only Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
    Duration 40 min
    Flat rate for groups

    120 €
    Guided tour available in German/English

    Group size maximum 20

    Guided Tours and Prices (School groups/students)

    Group tourKönigs Wusterhausen Hunting Lodge guided tour
    Availability year-round Tue-Sun, from November - March only Sat, Sun and Public holidays
    Duration 40 min
    Flat rate for groups

    84 €
    Guided tour available in German/English

    Group size maximum 20

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    General Terms and Conditions for Group Tourism

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