The Sculptures at the New Chambers

In 1747 Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff erected an orangery – the New Chambers – west of Sanssouci Palace.

The one-story structure with a southerly exposure had an uncomplicated design with 25 large windows set in an elongated yellow-ochre façade. For this building King Frederick II acquired marble sculptures, including copies or small-scale replicas of famous ancient works, such as the Farnese Hercules, the Apollino in the Tribuna at the Uffizi , the Hermes of Andros, the Venus Callipyge (aka Aphrodite Kallipygos) and the Apollo Belvedere. Many sculptures illustrated the building’s use as an orangery, which was only later converted into a palace guesthouse. Depictions of natural deities such as Flora and Pomona or satyrs and bacchantes represent untamed nature.

The Restoration Project

After decades without the façade sculptures, the restoration and recreation of this distinctive ornamentation is a key concern. To accomplish this, the severely damaged sculptures now in storage must be restored or replaced with high-quality marble copies.

To successfully carry out this challenging undertaking, the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten is seeking numerous supporters. Each donation will help make it possible to present the entire group of sculptures on the New Chambers once again.

If you would like support the restoration with a contribution, please enter “New Chambers sculptures” as the intended use and reason for payment. We will also gladly consult you in person.


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