RECS – Research Center Sanssouci

Research Center Sanssouci. Für Wissen und Gesellschaft

(RECS. For Knowledge and Society)

The “Research Center Sanssouci. Für Wissen und Gesellschaft” (RECS) fosters the coordination and support of internationally networked research.
At RECS, the cultural and historical heritage of Brandenburg-Prussia and the European Enlightenment provide a springboard for discourse on the future of the European knowledge-based society in a globalized world. Collaboration with academic partners is intended to productively combine personal knowledge with institutional resources, as well as to facilitate an exchange of scholarly communication and the transfer of knowledge.

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Dr. Jürgen LuhSPSG | General DirectionScience and Research
Postfach 60 14 62
14414  Potsdam, Germany
Fax: +49 (0) 331.96 94-101