The Dohna-Schlobitten Collection

The Dohna-Schlobitten Collection is one of the SPSG’s most significant special collections. It comprises the preserved inventory of Schlobitten Palace, which was destroyed in the war. It offers rare insight into East Prussia’s bygone aristocratic culture.

The collection of paintings, furniture, decorative arts and personal objects assembled by the burgraves and zu Dohna princes in the 17th to 20th centuries chronicle the family’s history, its European relationships, and its strong connection to the ruling dynasty in Brandenburg-Prussia.

The inventory was acquired for Charlottenburg Palace in 1978 with a generous donation from the Stiftung Deutsche Kassenlotterie Berlin (DKLB) and augmented further through additional purchases by the German federal government in 1993.

The holding also includes a large assortment of coins and medallions as well as a selection of twelve 17th and 18th century books from the library at Schlobitten that once contained 55,000 volumes.


Dipl. phil. Claudia Meckel


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