Rheinsberg Palace – Palace Courtyard

During the Baroque and Rococo periods, three-wing buildings in the French style were the norm for prestigious palaces. At Rheinsberg Palace as well, the Court of Honor, situated at the center of the complex as a result of the palace’s overall design, was the setting for gallant celebrations hosted by Crown Prince Frederick and, subsequently, Prince Henry. The courtyard is surrounded on three sides by palace buildings, a picturesque colonnade separating it from the pleasure garden by the lake. Like no other place, the courtyard provides a most festive and atmospheric setting, transforming every event into a very special and memorable experience.


Rheinsberg Palace
Schloss Rheinsberg 2
16831 Rheinsberg

How to get there

Public Transportation

Stop "Rheinsberg, Schloss"

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Visitor parking near the palace.

Location Type

Location of use
  • Open Air
Type of use
  • reception
  • concert, reading, lecture
ca. 820 qm
Number of persons

Geeignet für bis zu 250 Personen.

Equipment and Service

Toiletten befinden sich im Schloss.


Catering ist möglich. Der Caterer ist in Abstimmung mit der Stiftung frei wählbar.

Prizes and Usagetimes

1.500,- €

Kulturelle Einrichtungen mit staatlicher Förderung sowie die Länder Berlin und Brandenburg erhalten Sonderkonditionen.


Nina  Ilsen
Assistent of Events
SPSG | Department Education and Marketing
Postfach 60 14 62
D – 14414 Potsdam


  • wheelchair access

Behindertengerechte Toiletten befinden sich im Marstallgebäude.


Anlieferung bis Ostseite des Schlosses