Rheinsberg Palace – Hedge Theater

Like nowhere else, Rheinsberg Palace’s gardens are a testament to the transition from French garden design to early landscape gardening. Prince Henry, who loved the arts, made Rheinsberg a leading center of artistic creativity, and had a Hedge Theater built south of the palace island, inside the park, where plays, operas and concerts were staged. During the Baroque and Rococo periods, hedge theaters were popular outdoor venues with a designated area for the stage and audience, which was framed by artfully trimmed hedges arranged in tiers.

To this day the Rheinsberg Hedge Theater infuses each event with its unique magic and inimitable flair.


Rheinsberg Palace
Schloss Rheinsberg 2
16831 Rheinsberg

How to get there

Public Transportation

Stop "Rheinsberg, Schloss"

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Visitor parking near the palace.

Location Type

Location of use
  • Open Air
Type of use
  • reception
  • concert, reading, lecture
ca. 2.000 qm
Number of persons

Geeignet für bis zu 990 Personen.

Equipment and Service

Toiletten befinden sich im Schloss


Catering ist möglich. Der Caterer ist in Abstimmung mit der Stiftung frei wählbar.

Prizes and Usagetimes

2.000 €

Kulturelle Einrichtungen mit staatlicher Förderung sowie die Länder Berlin und Brandenburg erhalten Sonderkonditionen.


  • wheelchair access

Behindertengerechte Toiletten befinden sich im Marstallgebäude.


Anlieferung bis Ostseite des Schlosses