New Palace – Hedge Theater

“Hidden away” for more than 150 years, the Hedge Theater can be found to the north of the New Palace in Sanssouci Park. When Frederick the Great had the New Palace built from 1763–69 following the Seven Years’ War, the surrounding garden areas were redesigned and a Hedge Theater was created to amuse the king and his guests. The court gardener Heinrich Christian Eckstein was entrusted with this task. It can be considered the symmetrical counterpart of the “Gartensalon,” with its iron-latticed pergolas and rose plantings.

Thanks to the Freunde der Preußischen Schlösser und Gärten e.V., the Hedge Theater was restored, and to this day some of the shrubs from the original plantings survive.

Since 2012, it can be booked for events. The spacious outdoor auditorium is ideal for concerts, theater plays, readings and standing receptions.


New Palace [Neues Palais]
Am Neuen Palais
14469 Potsdam

How to get there

Public Transportation

Stop "Potsdam, Neues Palais"

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Paid parking spaces for cars and buses in the car park P3 – At the New Palace.

Location Type

Location of use
  • Open Air
Type of use
  • reception
  • concert, reading, lecture
in total 2.000 square meter

The Hedge Theater with its yawn-stage, the audience area and the pergola can be rented.

Area of the water-bound surface: 900 m2

Number of persons
  • up to 300

210 seated
250 standing

Equipment and Service

Four concrete foundations for sound and light installations are available. Each of them have a dead weight of 1,3t. A statisitical calculation for any structures or installations is to be made by the organiser.

Power supply units are sufficiently available. Water supply units are not available but may be provided for an additional fee.

On request 300 chairs can be rented from the foundation.

There are no restrooms availble on-site. On request the restrooms of the visitor centre "New Palace" may be used.


The catering for the Hedge Theater must be selected in coordination with the foundation.

Prizes and Usagetimes

700,- €


Cultural institutions with state support, as well as the states of Berlin and Brandenburg receive special conditions.

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

The Hedge Theater can be rented from spring to fall. There is no weather protection provided.


  • wheelchair access


Possible via Ökonomieweg/Mopke