Lindstedt Palace

Lindstedt Palace is only a few steps away from Sanssouci Park, but off the well-beaten tourist track. Crown Prince Frederick William (IV) commissioned Ludwig Persius to transform the original outlying estate into a palace. Upon the architect’s death, Ludwig Ferdinand Hesse (1848), Friedrich August Stüler (1855) and finally Ferdinand von Arnim (1858) continued his work. The casino with its circular tower and crowning monopteron, the terraced temple with a portico and large flight of steps, as well as magnificent colonnade leading to the road inside a formal garden designed by Peter Joseph Lenné, which served no other purpose than to celebrate unbridled magnificence itself, were all clearly influenced by the writings of Pliny the Younger (c. 100 AD) and Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s reconstruction of Pliny’s Gardens. From 1858, Lenné designed the grounds in the style of villa gardens from antiquity. Although it was only partially realized, the garden strongly shapes the prestigious atmosphere of Lindstedt Palace.

After almost 30 years of planning and a relatively brief construction period, in the end, King Frederick William IV was unable to inhabit his “Tuscum on Katharinenholz.” Lindstedt Palace was subsequent occupied by the von Bülow Family (ancestors of Vicco von Bülow, a German comedian, humorist and cartoonist better known as Loriot), as well as the family of General von Falkenhayn (whose daughter Erika was married to Henning von Tresckow, one of the masterminds behind an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler). The palace’s name can be traced back to a tenant from the 18th century, the head royal huntsman Achatius Daniel Lindstedt.

Today the garden and palace provide an ideal setting for lectures, intimate concerts, readings, banquets, receptions and wedding ceremonies.

The palace entrance is through the colonnade. Cordons or barriers between the columns have not been affixed to maintain historical authenticity. There is therefore an increased danger of falling. Please be careful. Organizers are obliged to expressly draw all participants’ attention to this fact.

Only handcarts or pushcarts with sufficiently broad rubber tires may be used on the path leading from the gate of the pergola to lower level rooms (e.g., the kitchen, etc.)

The use of any vehicles within the pergola is strictly prohibited.

Location Type

Location of use
  • interior space + open air
Type of use
  • reception
  • gala dinner
  • private party
  • marriage
  • concert, reading, lecture
In total 151,65 square meter

The three interconnected rooms on the first floor as well as a terrace and the equipped kitchen on the ground floor can be rented in a package.

Salon 77,65 m²
Library/Lounge 41,75 m²
Buffet room 32,25 m²

In the summer months the garden may be rented as well.

Number of persons
  • up to 200

120 standing

50 seated at tables

Up to 70 guests can take part at the wedding ceremony.

The garden offers space for up to 200 people.

Equipment and Service

80 chairs are 16 tables are available.
- 12 tables (160x70m)
-   2 tables (120x70m)
-   2 tables (160x80m)
The rooms in the palace can be heated.

For Marriages: A wedding reception set and a CD player are available. Any further organization of decoration etc. is to be arranged by the organizer beforehand.   


Catering is possible. The caterer can be selected freely in coordination with the foundation. An equipped kitchen is available on the ground floor including a stove, fridge (500 l), sink, freezer and coffee machine (10 l).

Prizes and Usagetimes

1.200,- € palace

1.500,- € palace and garden

700,- € marriage (max. 4 hours)

Cultural institutions with state support, as well as the states of Berlin and Brandenburg receive special conditions.

Additional Costs
  • Aufsichten
  • Reinigung

The organizer is in charge to enter a liability insurance for events (short-term risks). For this a proof must be provided to the foundation before the event takes place.

Additionally supervision and cleaning will be charged. The order for the cleaning or supervision will be initiated by the foundation. The lessee will be charged through the company “Fridericus Servicegesellschaft der Preußischen Schlösser und Gärten mbH.”

For further information please contact:
Tel. +491 331/58184620 (cleaning) or
Tel. +491 331/58184641 (supervision).

  • all seasons

all seasons

marriages May to October


Term of lease: a maximum of 4 hours, for longer usage the regular user fee will be charged. 

The allocations of dates for civil marriages are made in consultation with the registry office.

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam - Standesamt
Frau Wildner
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 79 / 81
14469 Potsdam
Tel: 0331 / 289 1738


  • wheelchair access with assistance

Restricted because of five stairs that must be overcome. A disability-friendly toilet is available at basement.


Possible up to the garden entrance.

The access to the palace is via the arcade. Because of historical reasons there are no barriers installed between the columns. Hence, there is a risk of falling and physical injury. The organizer is obliged to inform the participants about this circumstance.

From the gate in the Pergola to the basement, only hand cards with sufficient wide tires may be used. 

Driving on the pergola is prohibited.