Potsdam Conference 1945 – Shaping the World

Potsdam Conference 1945 – Shaping the World

Special Exhibition in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Potsdam Conference,
1 May to 1 November 2020 Potsdam, Cecilienhof Palace at the New Garden

The Potsdam Conference marks one of the most important historical events of the 20th century. World-wide, it stands as a symbol of the endpoint of World War II in Europe and the outbreak of the Cold War. The “Potsdam Agreement” that was adopted at Cecilienhof Palace laid the foundation for the reshaping of the world after 1945.

The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) is showcasing a special exhibition on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Potsdam Conference at Cecilienhof Palace from 1 May to 1 November 2020. Visitors at this actual location will be able to experience a multi-medial journey back to these fateful days in the summer of 1945. A factual, ideology-free, presentation regarding the geopolitical decisions made contrasts with the moving and emotion-filled voices of those affected. Famous historical personalities such as Churchill, Stalin, and Truman stand opposite history’s countless “nameless” – including victims of atom bombs, displaced persons, and collaborators. This special exhibition makes it possible to examine this period of world history in a multi-perspective way. For the first time, the famous garden terrace where press photos were taken of the “Big Three” sitting in wicker chairs will be added as part of the exhibition.

Information: www.spsg.de/en/news/exhibition/potsdam-conference-1945-shaping-the-world/

Admission and Opening Hours
14 Euros / reduced fee 10 Euros – Advance sales begin 3 Feb. 2020 at: https://tickets.spsg.de
Times: Tue. – Sun., 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., last entry 4:45 p.m.

Group Offers:
Exhibition tour with audio guide (12 languages)
Duration: 90 Min.

Group price for adults, flat rate: 160 Euros, Group price for students, flat rate: 112 Euros
Number of participants per group, max. 20 persons

Museum educational offers for students (beginning at secondary level I): 112 Euros
Number of participants per group, max. 30 persons

Group offers are only possible if booked in advance: gruppenservice(at)spsg.de
Reservations for tours with audio guide beginning 1 May 2019. Reservations for museum educational offers for students beginning 1. January 2020.

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